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Next Step After Scheduling an Appointment: After you select a time for our marketing consultation on the calendar, you will be redirected to our Seller Intake Form to fill out. Please take your time completing this so that we can be fully prepared and have a productive meeting.  

Getting Your House Sold Starts Here
The next step is to schedule a time to get together to meet to talk about your property

"Selling your home can be scary, but a

new life awaits you next door!"


- Tabitha Richardson

Hi, my name isTabitha...

Just a little about me.. I own the brokerage NextHome Leaders, I am a REALTOR®, and I coach other Realtors 

I have been a licensed REALTOR® since 2005 and I started my real estate brokerage in 2012. I have been helping buyers and sellers in Maryland for a long time. 

I got into real estate because I realized many of my peers were not homeowners and did not understand the process of buying a house. They also did not understand the importance of owning real estate and all of the benefits it offered to homeowners.

I am sure you understand how owning real estate can help you increase your net worth and build generational wealth for not only you but many generations to come.  I want to help you with your wealth strategy and be your real estate agent for life!


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Meet Some of My Past Clients

Here a just a few of my clients that have sold a property, bought a new home, and bought and sold simultaneously on the same day!

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